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2023 GLimpsie: Keeping Busy and Cute

Pig Melon Gallery

February 10-February 17, 2023


Vancouver Arts Centre

May 22- May 27, 2023

A glimpse is always more fleeting than the reflection which follows it, and reflection is always shadowed by situation. 

This exhibition consists of small wall-based mixed media works. The show title is the word glimpse with the addition of the diminutive suffix “ie” which alludes to cuteness, an important element in the work.

Low cost industrial and quotidian materials, drawings and found objects are playfully and aesthetically reformatted to forge a glimpse into our material and sociocultural contexts.

These compositions work hard to transform low value materials into endearing and fun artworks. There is a collective turn towards cute, quirky, naïve softness and DIY in contemporary popular aesthetics. Whimsy, nostalgia and playfulness… it’s a full-time job, keeping busy in the face of our uncertain future.


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